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We are Donna’s Walkers 4 Knockers and we are participating in the 2010 Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure on Sunday, October 3rd, 2010.

We do this every year for one reason and one reason only… to help put an end to this devastating disease! Breast Cancer is now the most common cancer among Canadian woman and our team of devoted and committed walkers are bound and determined to make a difference in our community!!

After attending our first run as just sole participants we were hooked. The love, compassion, strength and courage that was shown was truly addicting and made us want to create a team and contribute as much as possible to make a difference.

Our motivation every year comes from one of the strongest, most inspirational women we know. Her name is Donna and she has been fighting this disease for almost 10 years. Donna is someone we look up to for courage and strength in any situation and we do this in honour of her and to show her our support.

Our team “Donna’s Walkers 4 Knockers” was created to not only show support to Donna but to have a name that stands out and makes people think! Well, maybe to get a few laughs too!

This year we are dedicated to do whatever we can to make this our most successful year yet. Will you sponsor Donna’s Walker 4 Knockers in the Run? You will help fund the most promising research and give hope to women and their families living with breast cancer.

Donations of even $1.00 will make a difference, everything counts, so please do not ever feel that your donation is not enough or that it does not make a difference. All payments are verified and secure and you can receive a tax receipt for income tax purposes. You can give a safe and secure gift right now by using the links at the bottom of this message.

Thank you for considering my request. I really appreciate it!

Click HERE to make a difference!

Sarah & Erin

Donna’s Walkers 4 Knockers